A mothers wish

Sometimes we forget our children are still children. They want to be called young adults and act like they know it all but deep down they are still the babies we brought home. My son was going through this hard teenage years where I knew nothing and was an annoyance. I looked in his eyes and I saw a stranger. Someone who didn’t need me anymore. I longed for the days when they were young. The days I didn’t treasure cuz it was always hurry up u have to go to school or mommy has work or go play and I’ll play later with u. A lot of times those “laters” became more frequent I’m embarrassed to say. That song “cats in the cradle” is so spot on. Days turn into months. Months into years and so on. So here I am, Wondering if I’ll ever be needed again. Now fast forward to Christian getting ill. He carried on how much pain he was in but if u knew him, he’s full of drama. Then he reached for my hand and I helped him walk. When he was yelling “help me” in the hospital my heart broke and I didn’t see that angry teen (although he was nasty cuz of the pain) I saw my baby again. Walking him around the hospital holding his hand to be steady was such a wonderful feeling. My boy needed me again. Here he was vulnerable and scared. Although I’m not as sure he was as scared as us cuz we knew the severity of the situation. On the beach in front of everyone, right there in plain sight he asked if I would hold his hand and help him. The boy who was always worried what people would think,suddenly it didn’t matter anymore. He even held his fathers hand. This teenage boy whose as tall as his older brother and almost as tall as his dad was holding our hands. I tuck him in tonite cuz he wasn’t feeling well and I look at his cherub face without his glasses and right then and there I knew no matter how old or how independent they become, they know they will always need us. This time around I won’t take for granted the moments I threw away cuz life is busy. Nope this time I’m taking it slow and enjoying each moment. Sort of like we are getting to know each other again. Sorry it took something like this to make me realize life is short. Love is forever, learn how to join the two so time can stand still even for a brief moment



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