An open letter from someone that knows all too well

People that suffer with depression or being bipolar do not want to hear “What do u have to be depressed about”? Well, for starters if we knew why or what was causing it then we could fix it. Another question that’s almost always asked…
” Did you stop taking your meds”?? Most of the time the answer is no. A lot of the times the meds stop being as effective as they once were and some of the times people will stop taking their meds. Especially being BiPolar, when you feel good for a long haul automatically your first instinct is “I’m fine,I don’t need my medicine anymore”. Now that’s a dangerous thought & a bad idea.
One statement that can have a adverse reaction is..” You shouldn’t feel this way, you have a lot to be thankful for and so much going for you”. Right there in those words point out, that a “normal person” would be happy about all they have. Now when a mentally exhausted person thinks about that, they feel guilty and ashamed for even feeling the way they do. Yes other people would kill to have what they have. Yes of course they don’t want to upset their family’s with what they are feeling or what they are becoming. The sad truth is, feeling guilty is the last thing anyone wants to feel while they are struggling to keep their head above water…that’s like throwing them an anchor instead of a life jacket. An even sadder truth is depression, Bipolar, being manic, can cost you friends, family and your job. What was once enjoyable and easy is now overwhelming and exhausting. It’s no picnic being around someone like that and having it is like being trapped in a nightmare ¬†sometimes. If you don’t know what to say or do with someone whose having a rough go of it, that’s ok.
Be a shoulder to lean on. An ear to listen. A hand to hold. Just don’t make them feel guilty about how they feel and how they are behaving. They beat themselves up over it any chance they get!


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