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Is it mourning or is it depression? What’s the difference? Depression is a feeling of severe despondency and dejection, typically also with feelings of inadequacy and guilt. Mourning is a feeling and period of sadness after a loss. 

Both consume u yet one will eventually get better.

It’s My mind, it is trying to ruin me. Think happy thoughts, try to smile and then my mind races to a dark place and whispers things I can’t bear to hear. The only release from it streams down my cheeks until I feel the bitter sting and the salty taste. The sun goes down, the sun comes up, another day has begun yet it’s the same as all the days before and all the days to come. 

Empty might be the right description Of how I feel. For the true sense of the word,”empty” means to contain nothing; having no value or purpose, for example:

“her life felt empty and meaningless”. 

To some up…

Mourning + depression = empty. Nothing. Void. In other words… Exhausted, worn out, done!