What is it that no one understands about me? Do u think by going to a doctor that I will be cured? Will I magically behave myself and be the best person I can be? No, it won’t. For a half hour someone will listen to me talk about my feelings and what’s bothering me but that’s not enough time. It brings my emotions to the surface then it’s time to leave. So I bottle it up until we meet again,if we do. In the interim I take my meds,hopefully, and try not to lose my shit. It’s hard. Soo hard. Imagine surrounding yourself with people u love and they love u but sometimes u swear they only tolerate you,that they are waiting to replace you. Imagine feeling like your always on the outside looking in and no one cares. Imagine for a minute your only purpose in the morning is making it through the day without breaking down, hurting yourself or hurting someone else. Imagine for a moment you feel like this every minute of every day…always. Imagine for a moment being me because that’s how it is.


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