Laughter will keep us together

Let me say,after 22 years of being together me and my hubby always kiss hello and goodbye. Always say I love you. Always hold hands, call or text each other funny things. We have plenty of laughter and our kids join in on the insanity. When I’m sick my hubby takes care of the kids,house,food shopping and me. Does that make him less of a man? No that makes him more. He will do anything to make us happy except for the occasional times he makes me want to kill him lol .Our kids will never be afraid to show affection cuz that’s what we do every day. There’s nothing wrong with it. Growing up I would want to vomit if I saw my parents show any affection to each other cuz they rarely did. My kids will always say I love u after every phone call or leaving for school. Are we a perfect family? No! Do we have a perfect marriage? No! What we do have is love,respect and loyalty to each other. Time is precious so don’t waste it not being happy. Remember what you give is what you get so give nothing but wonderful vibes and see how the world looks through the eyes of the one who loves you unconditionally.


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