Livin Large

Here’s a little thing that baffles me. Our country keeps telling us we are overweight yet they keep pushing gigantic sized portions. To make matters worse they post the calorie content to guilt us into making the right decision. Stop super sizing, stop making places like “Sonic” with all their unhealthy choices, stop suggesting “loaded extras” on top of our already fattening food, and for the love of God please stop having these man vs food challenges. I for one know I could probably win one but I don’t want to be the girl on the wall of fame or shame as I would feel. No one should be able to order something that’s called the “crowd pleaser” unless they are, in fact, a crowd! I want to know why a salad at Olive Garden is riddled with calories. I look over the menu, see the numbers and then feel like a horrible person for not just sticking with water. Want a suggestion America? How bout you give us free refills on our alcoholic drinks? How bout McDonald’s just stick to burgers and not offer mozzarella sticks? How bout you stop ruining healthy chicken by putting everything under the sun on it. When I saw on a menu the calorie content for my drink,well now they’ve gone too far! What is this world coming to? Everyone knows vodka has no calories..right?
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…America,land of the free and home of the whopper!


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