In the end, it doesn’t even matter

Life is funny sometimes. From the time we realize we can make a wish and hope for it to come true, we wish our life away. As a child we want to be old enough to cross the street alone. As a teen we cant wait to get our drivers license. As a young adult we cant wait to be of legal age and so on. It never changes, we always want whats not in our grasp. Things always look better when we havent achieved them yet.
I know I have often wished for the years to fly by so certain milestones would come quick. Its all about growing, maturing, and essentially getting older. What we never realize is, that while the years are escaping us and we grow, so does everyone around us. As we wish our lives away, we have to understand that certain people in our lives may not always be here. If there is a twenty or thirty year age gap between you and a special someone, time doesnt just stand still, we all have to face our own mortality.
I never want to live to be a hundred, how sad of the thought of being all alone because you’ve outlived everyone of your generation. I see it as i get older, all the adults I grew up with slowly are passing away. These people have been in my life forever. I watched my mom lose her mother, her husband,all her aunts and uncles and now her best friends. Personally I dont want to think about the future and what it will be like to retire and travel the world, for I know in doing so, alot of my loved ones probably wont be around. I’d like to enjoy the time we have while we still can. Time is a funny thing, its something no one has any control over. Its elusive, its cruel sometimes and its something we all wish we had more of. What I’m trying to say is, be happy in the moment. Cherish each milestone,for with every step we take and every milestone we make, paves our way to our journey through life. There is no prize for rushing it. There is no finish line. In fact once you’ve reached the end, nothing will matter. You’ll have missed out on a life full of exceptional things, if only you took the time to stop and smell the roses instead of wanting something more.


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