Welcome to my lie

In this day and age,there are many things a person can contract that are contagious. None of them spread like wildfire quite like a lie does. We tell ourselves a little white lie cant hurt but before you know it,your trapped in a sticky web of lies and there is no escape.There are all types of liars too. There’s the “embellish-er”,they like to spruce up their stories to make them more interesting. Problem is with them, if they are that boring to begin with that they have to lie then maybe they should just not speak at all. Then you have the “pathological liar”..they cant help themselves. They lie about everything. Things they don’t even need to. These people are just plain dangerous because if by some small miracle they are telling the truth,whose gonna believe them? Lets not forget the “habitual” liar..almost like the ‘pathological’ one but not as dangerous. These poor peeps lie out of habit,sort of like smoking or biting their nails and just like any other habit,its very hard to break.
The liar i most want to talk about is..the “victim of circumstance” liar. This is a person who has been put in a position where they “have” to lie because someone else has. Its a situation where if one person is not being truthful then all the others are guilty by association so they need to continue with the lie.
It doesn’t even have to be a big lie,it can be minute,doesn’t matter. Fact is,after a while these people start to believe their own lies. I think its our minds way of letting us not feel guilty about it. If we believe it then everyone else will and therefore how could it be a lie?
The key to a good lie is to not provide too much information. Keep it simple,keep it believable and no matter what happens,never ever admit it! Get your facts straight and be non chalant about it. If its done in person try to maintain eye contact. Its a known fact that a person not being honest cant look someone in the eye. I on the other hand have a problem looking someone in the eye normally. I feel its a bit intrusive and sometimes it freaks me out,especially if they have those “piering into your soul” type of eyes but that’s something entirely different.
I would like to blame society for causing people to be dishonest but maybe its just something we feel compelled to do every now and then. Sort of like when you ask your husband if you look fat in this outfit. You know damn well you do and you know that he knows it too but a good man will never be truthful about that. In this situation,hes damned if hes truthful and hes damned if hes not. Whatever “liar” category you fall into, just remember, once you spin a web of lies,its very hard to get out. And if by chance you do,make sure you make note of how you did it so next time you’ll be that much craftier


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