Happiness and inner peace

Sometimes u have to look deep into your soul to see what makes u happy. Happiness is not something u have to chase or buy or beg to have,happiness comes from within. A person can bring u happiness,do all the right things but if ur not happy with yourself you’ll miss out on what life has to offer. Soul search,find what makes your heart smile and ignore what your head says. There is a constant battle between heart,mind and soul…choose them wisely even if you know there’s a chance you might lose. Not every battle is meant to win,sometimes we need them for experience,to learn,to grow. Don’t be the person people expect you to be,be who you are most happy being even if it means you won’t be liked. Not everyone will and that’s ok, criticism makes us stronger and want to do better,if not for any other reason but to prove you can. Sometimes I need to follow my own advice, to ignore what my head is thinking so my heart don’t get hurt. Sometimes I have to crawl out of myself and be someone else…someone who sees them-self how others do. Someone who values their being and learns to love them-self as much as I love others.
Happiness can be fleeting,find what yours is and value it or you will chase it your whole life.


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