Forgive and forget…not I

“To err is human, to forgive is divine.” I admire those who can forgive, forget and move on. I myself have trouble with the whole forget part. I’ll forgive ya but I’ll always remember what it was that caused me pain. Some people will be burned once and that’s it,they cut ya loose. Not me, I keep ya around just so I can torture you and throw it in your face for the rest of our lives. I am not perfect. I have many faults and my biggest fault is harboring fear,resentment and finding faults in people that I see in myself. Sometimes I see myself in the most F’d up people and that makes me nervous. I’m not easy going all the time like some may think. I have many insane moments which friends and family can attest to. I can be your bestest friend or your worst enemy. If I’m being snippy or nasty to you,u best believe it’s because of something u did. I’m not God so whether I forgive you or not should have no bearing. I am human tho and I will make mistakes, I will pass judgement and I will have trouble moving past certain things. I wish I were different but it’s not how I’m wired. I would rather be hurt with the truth than pacified with a lie. Tell me I’m an ass, tell me I’m wrong, tell me u disagree with what I’m saying just don’t tell me what I want to hear and not mean it. I often say what I feel whether a person wants to hear it or not and people close to me know I can be brutally honest. Honesty, respect ,loyalty, forgiveness, love….those are attributes one should exercise every day. And if your heart can over power the mind, learn to forget and move on for we may not be divine but we should strive to come close to it.


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