Be not afraid of change

Do u ever feel like your living a lie? That your not at all the person people believe u are? Do u ever feel that maybe you never really were that person to begin with? Sometimes we swim In circles trying to get away from something or get closer to something but the more you try it’s always out of reach. The ghosts of years past shouldn’t haunt you,but awaken you. Things have happened that have changed all of us in some way or form. We are not the same. We never will be. We can lie to ourselves and believe what we want but fact is, life has a funny way about it. It’s called living. Sometimes it takes us away from those we love, sometimes it draws us closer to those we should avoid. It’s amazing the people that come in and out of your life. Sometimes its an unexpected pleasure. Sometimes it’s excruciating pain. One thing is for sure tho, with each experience you will never be the same. Every heartache,every lesson, every joy will change you. The person you were before is nothing but a distant memory.
“Mourn not for who I was
For she was not me
She’s only brought me to
what I’ve become and
Where I’m supposed to be”


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